Happy Teacher’s Day, Celebrating the 5th of September

As the teachers’ day approaches, the spirits of the young and creative children are high. The teachers’ day is celebrated to thank the hard work, contribution and the love of the teachers towards the young generation and shaping their future.

The teachers are really important people in the life of the young generation, therefore it is necessary to celebrate them every year.

Every year, the kids find different ways to celebrate the teachers’ day. The most common of these ways is that the children are allowed to come to school in casual attire dressed as their teachers and impersonate them the whole day. They take over the classes and teach the subject like the teacher they are for the day.

There are different attires you can send your child in. 

1) Suits

The teachers often dress in traditional suits so your child can wear one on the teachers’ day. They can go for a simple and casual patiala suit.

They can make their hair tie up as the teacher they are going as does and even find a pair of shoes like them. This will make their day more interesting. You can find the appropriate suit attire for the day and enjoy the rest of the day.

Not only this you can also make your child wear a saree or something western like pants and a shirt. This all has to be decided on the dressing sense of the teachers.

2) Activities

On this day, the children try to make it special for their teachers by setting up a whole lot of entertainment sessions for them, including songs and dance performances. They even bring presents for the teachers. These all are the ways the students try to celebrate their mentors.

The students are also allowed to wear casuals and enact a play or skit giving a message related to this day.

Some of the new ways in  which you can show your gratitude to your teachers is by talking about your teacher in the class or by giving them the books.

A simple bouquet of flowers with a short card can also say tons of things. If you wish to gift them with something, then you can always go for something with a personal touch so that they can remember you.

Teacher’s day in Pandemic

The present situation of the pandemic has put a hard break on our ideas to celebrate the teacher’s day.

But, we can always improvise by conducting a group call and then celebrating the day with the teachers. You can share the gifts and cards you’ve made or bought through mail and digital media.

The pandemic has surely made it difficult to celebrate this day, but don’t let it dampen your mood and spirits.

You can still make this day the best teacher’s day for all your teachers by dressing up and showing them your creativity through video calls and other methods. This will make them happy and feel special for the whole day on 5th September.

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